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Husaria Tour of Poland 2017
August 2017 (exact dates to be posted soon)
We are looking for about 15 or so folks who have a passion for travel, culture, great food
and history.
This years 'Husaria Tour' will focus on following King Jan III Sobieski's historic route to
Vienna from Warsaw in the summer of 1683.  King Jan III led an army of Polish-Lithuanian
Commonwealth's legendary 'Winged Hussar knights', artillery and loyal Tatar horsemen to
save Vienna from the Ottoman Empires siege of the Austrian Capital.  
His brillant victory at Vienna (Sept. 11, 1683) saved Europe from that major Ottoman
invasion and led to the decline of that empire.

Major stops along the tour are:
* Our tour will start in Warsaw, the Polish capitol. We will tour the city's 'Old Town,
Sobieski's Royal Palace - Willanow and the Polish army's military parade.
* The miraculous 13th century Jasna Gora Shrine at Czestochowa.
* Eagle's Nest castles of Pieskowa Skala and Bobolice.
* Zakopane village in the high Polish Alps in the Carpatian Mountains.
* Ancient Polish capital of Krakow with it's Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance palaces and
castles and Medivel market place and Historic Old Town
* Historic Czech town of Brno
* Vienna, Austria and the Kahlenberg Hill monestary

First class accommodations, air conditioned transportation, 2 great meals a day, English
speaking guides and access to all attractions.
If your group is considering a historical tour of Old Poland please contact me.  I have escorted several tours to
Poland where we will can visit a wide variety of places like castles, palaces, cathedrals, battlefields, ethnographic
and we can participate in historical reenactments of any time period you may choose.

If you can gather 15 people of so I will arrange the following:
First class accommodations, air conditioned transportation, 2 great meals a day, English speaking guides and access
to all attractions.
Royal Palace and king Zygmunt's Statute, Warsaw,
Winged Hussar Reenactor
Jasna Gora, Czestochowa
Gorale Folk Dancers, Tatra Mountains, Poland
Cloth Hall -Cukernica, Krakow, Poland
Raft Ride on the Dunahec River, Polish-Slovak Border
Royal cake 'Sacher Torte', Vienna Austria
Emporess Maria Teresa Square