Polish Hussar Supply Plus

The weaponry used in Poland and Eastern Europe is
a mix of the best of Western and Eastern Europe
and the influences of  Western Asia and the
Steppes.  Turkish and Tartar fashion and weaponry
were very popular in the Polish-Lithuanian
Commonwealth in the late 16th and 17th
This is evident in Polish war hammers (nadziak)
and war axes (czekan).
These long- handled weapons with small heads were
quite effective when swung from horseback.

In the 17th century, nadziak war hammers and
czekans war axes also became fashionable walking
canes for the nobility
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NOTE: These replicas are intended for decorative
use only and not for fighting, Polish Hussar Supply
Plus is not responsible for any misuse or injury.
War hammers, Axes,
Kalkan shields and Maces
Buzdygan Maces ( lower left)
Carried by high ranking officer both cavalry and infantry.
These are custom made. Handles can be steel as well.
Approx. 20"    $500.00 each

Piernacz Mace (below)
Usually carried by junior cavalry officers.  Custom made,
average size around 18" to 22" long.
Kalkan Shields
sed by all types of Eastern and Steppe cavalry.
parade gear.  Simple kalkans were used by light cavalry and pancerni
cossack cavalry as protection from Tatar arrows.
These are custom made in Poland and take several months to produce.
Starting at $500.00 USD and up..... plus shipping and money transfer fees.
Contact me for a price.
Nobles would hang them in conspicuous places of honor on their
manor homes as battle trophies from wars against the Turks and
Many Polish noblemen commissioned these works of art to be made
by craftsmen in places like the Crimea and Istanbul.
Contact me for prices and details on how you can aquire one.
War hammer and Axes
Custom made, contact me for prices.