Polish Hussar Supply Plus' Sashes
Eryk hammering a saber blank back in 2010.
POLISH SABERS, Below are some examples of a few sabers I've made in the past 12 years.
BOHUN  $159.00 plus shipping
KMICIC $184.00 plus shiping
ZABLOGA $210.00 plus shipping
$264.00 plus shipping.
Made with gold and
silver thread.
$264.00 plus shipping
silver thread
made woven sashes are historical reproductions of actual sashes from the mid and late 17th century.
These would have been worn by the wealthiest of nobles for major occasions.  Not recommended for
wearing during battle but definitely for passive time in the camp, while talking to the public or on
parade.  These beautiful pieces are art should not be stowed away with your gear but given an
honored place in the home as well as a table mantle at holidays for example.  We are even seeing
Poles wearing these instead of cumber bums with tuxedos at weddings and family occasions!
stated this:

"The sashes came out very well.  The fabric is woven double-sided with all ornament woven according to historical pattern
and technology. The design is valid for XVII, XVIII centuries according to what was published by National Museum in Krakow
and The Metropolitan Museum of Art."

All 5 historic designs are approx 11' long and 1 foot wide.  Now, check this out!  If you notice these double sided sashes have
2 different patterns running length wise on each side of the sash for a total of 4 different patterns!  The 12" wide sashes can
be folded in half length wise to reveal 1 of the 4 patterns.  This means you have 4 different sashes in 1!

Weather you are portraying a Polish hussar, a wealthy Ukrainian noble, a powerful Lithuanian Magnate or a dancer in an 18th
century Polonez group these are just what you need to complete your kit!