Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Polish and other Eastern   Sabers

Eryk hammering a saber blank.
#3 Ordynka Saber
Below are some examples of a few sabers I've made in the past 12 years.

#1 Hungarian-Polish saber and Scabbard.
Used by a wide variety of Eastern European troops from the later 16th to mid 17th century.

#2 Open Hilted Saber and Scabbard.
This saber can also be used by a wide variety of Eastern warriors from the 17th century.

#3 Ordynka Saber and Scabbard.
This sabar is styled after Tatar sabers.  Fine examples were made in the city of Lwow by Armenian craftsmen for Polish and
Ukrainian nobles.

NOTE: These replica sabers are intended for decorative use only and not for fencing, Polish Hussar Supply Plus is not
responsible for any misuse or injury.
These sabers will be reasonably priced, high carbon steel, well tempered returned
true and straight.  
They hand made with solid brass guards and pomels and wooden grip covered in
leather.  They come with wooden scabbard covered with leather and brass or steel
Contact me for prices.
#1 Hungarian-Polish saber                                              #2 Open Hilted Hussar Saber