We are delighted to see so many proud
Lithuanian-Americans getting involved in the
17th century re-enactment movement in the last
few years.   
Lithuanian and Poles established a unique
Europe for hundreds of years called the
'Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth'.
Today, side by side Lithuanian, Ukrainian,
Belorussian and Polish re-enactors across the US
are teaching the American public about our
Kingdom that stretched from the Baltic to the
Black Sea, from the gates of Moscow to the
borders of the Holy Roman Empire.
Let us tailor you a 16th or 17th century
Lithuanian cavalryman's or nobleman's outfit
just for you
Conact me at
or 603 218 9443
during regular business hours.

Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Special thanks to Peter in MI for the use of his
photos.  Above he portrays a 17th cen.
Lithuanian nobleman and horse archer.
garment and Turkish horse archery bow all
from Polish Hussar Supply Plus.
Petychorcy Cavalryman.
Medium cavalry from the 16th-18th
century the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
Like the Polish pancerni Cossacks, they
.modeled after Circassian cavavlry
from the Caucusian mountains.  
Complete kit consists of szyszak helmet or
a misiurka mail helmet, kolczuga mail
coat, zupan, white linen shirt, trousers,
kolpak cap, riding boots, saber and belt,
sash, sajdak archery set.
Conatc me to help kit you out as a noble
Lithuanian Petychory
Janusz Radziwill from the power
Lithuanian noble family in a gold
zupon with a red delia cloak.
Another portrait of Lithuanian
noble Janusz Radziwill, this time
in a white and gold brocade
zupon and delia cloak, yellow
boots and red kolpak fur lined
Above, Peter as a Lithuanian dragoon.
cavalrymen.  These are custom made in Poland
for us, perfect for your Lithuanian cavalryman's
impression.  Hand woven shields start at
$500.00 USD plus shipping
Below left, Vasa event in Gniew Poland, here Chris from SC and is of Lithuanian and Polish decent prtrays a dragoon.
Center below, Gab from RI in the basic linen white shirt $79.00, linen pants $99.00 and yellow boots $410.00.
Peter (below right) in a beige zupon and kontusz coat.
war hammer commonly
Commonwealth.  Let us a
16th and 17th century
make you a Nadziak to a
16th and 17th century go
with your kit
Come is a solid color starting at $69.00 all the way up to
these 'Woven' Sashes which are handmade in the traditional
way, they start at $169.00 and going up to 283.00.

See more on the 'Sash Page'.
Our good friend and Banner of
Czarniecki member Bob from MA. in a
Lithuanian hussar breastplate complete
with the icon of the Ostrabrama in the
Riding Boots in a variety of period
Starting at $429.00
Add $50.00 for stitching
$80.00 for steel heels