Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Clothing from the
16th and 17th century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Our Historical Seamstress in Belarus has design for us a series
of patterns for ladies clothing. These designs are inspired from
references of ladies garments in the time period and can come
in a variety of period colors, materials and sizes.

If you have a period reference and wish to have a unique
outfit designed and created we can do that too!

We don't generally have these garments in stock, most need to
be custom made for each individual so please feel free to
contact me for additional info.

(603) 218-9443
#6 CAPS   1. Magierka without fur 65.00
*With rabbit fur extra

2. Vail with beads 60.00

3. Beret (Dutch) from velvet 85.00

4. Hungarian hat without fur 65.00
*With rabbit fur extra

5. Magierka with kerchief 85.00

6. Beret ( Spanish) from velvet 95$

7. Bonnet with coronets and velvet 65.00

Cap -linen ( no embroidery) $45.00

Shirt linen ( length 130cm) $99.00

Bodice with lining and front lacing
Wool with linen $180.00
Linen with linen $140.00
Brocade linen $180.00

Skirt ( length 90cm)
Wool $180.00
Linen $130.00

Shirt with accent
Linen -$115.00 or Cotton-$99.00

Kaziak (top) Bodice: Wool/linen $180.00
Sleeves wool/linen, add $45.00
Brocade/linen $170.00..... with Sleeves, add $35.00

Skirt with accent ( length 90cm)
Wool -$190.00  Linen $130.00

Magerka cap ( brocade) $65.00
Magerka cap ( wool) $75.00
Fur by request ( extra)

Kuntusz jacket ( brocade) $460.00

Skirt for riding
Wool $199.00 or
Linen $190.00
Brocade/linen $280.00
Wool/linen $430.00

Wide skirt
Wool $199.00
Linen $190.00
FARTUGAL #5 (means 'Portugal)

Chemeese (short top) linen $45.00, batiste $45.00 with
embroidery $55.00

Bodice: Brocade w/ sleeves $250.00 (depending on size)

Overskirt brocade (length 1 meter) $199.00

Underskirt brocade (length 1 meter)$125.00
Linen under skit  $110.00