Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Hat Broaches
Nobles commonly adorned their fur hats with decorative broaches.  One can see in the portaits of
nobles the broaches had precious stones in them.  Our craftsman in Poland recreates these period
inspired hat broaches for us.  On the back side is an affixed safety pin and a plum holder.  Here
are a few examples, if the one you like is not in stock we can haver him make somethng similar
although no tow he makes are the same.
$69.00  Amythist stone, Brass and Silver
Amber broach
Sliver and Brass with Agate stone
Starting at $59.00
These broaches
are called
Trzęsienie' in
Reenactor with one of our Magierka caps
and broach
Szkofie broaches, a larger decorative cap broach used on both men's and
ladies caps. If the one you like is sold I'll have our jeweler make something very
Here is the back of the
szkofie and broaches, you
can see the heavey duty
feathers and or plume
holders soldered on the
backs along with a study
safety pin for attaching to
your cap.
Szkofia Broaches
in Polish
CLOAK CLASP sets from Poland.
Called '
Zapony' in Polish, they are hand made and adorned with gemstones like Agate and Turquoise.  Some even
have silver and brass details. Some sets have a matching Kolapk cap broach as seen in the center of the sets.
No two sets are the same, each is a piece of art.
These are examples of what our jeweler in Poland can do. If you like one of these and it is not in stock we can request a
similar one be made.

Starting at $189.00
plus shipping.