Polish Hussar Supply Plus

The Zaporozhian Cossacks of the Wild Plains lived along
the lower Dnieper River in the 16th and 17th century.
A military brotherhood formed from run away serfs and
adventures from Ruthenia, Russia, Poland and the Tartaria
as well as other neighboring lands.
Their unique arms, armor and manner of dress were
influenced by their neighboring allies and foes.
The Steppes of the 'Wild Plains' was under the rule of the
Polish kings and the Zaporozhians were hired to protect the
south-eastern borderlands of the Commonwealth from ever
raiding Tartar horsemen.   
At this time most of the Cossack were famous for their skill
as infantrymen and as Black Sea pirates.   Cossacks,
registered with the Polish crown were partially paid in
cloth for uniforms, blue being the favorite color.  Their
dress was similar to that of Polish and Hungarian infantry.  
Later, as the Zaporozhians rebelled against the Polish
nobility and tens of thousands of Ruthenian peasants
joined their ranks of they and wore what ever they had or
could take along the way.  As they conquered towns and
cities in the Ukraine they picked up a wide variety of Polish
clothing and fine horses.
At this time the Moscovite state also supplied the rebelious
Cossacks with arms as they allied against the
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
If you'd like us to help you develope a Zaporozhian Cossack
kit you can choose from a:
Registered Cossack in Polish service armed with a musket
(we don't carry muskets), axe or berdish and saber, dressed
in a blue zupon, fur kolpak and black boots.
Light cavalryman or officer's kit with short lance, saber,
pistols, war hammers, kalkan shield and Eastern archery
equipment, etc.   
Pancerni Cossack cavalryman, like the light cavalry but
with a coat of chain mail over the zupon and a misiurka
helmet.  Boots can be black, brown, red or yellow.
Let us know how we can help you develop a distinct
Cossack kit.  eric@polishhussarsupply.com

Above, one from our seamstress.
Below, stock zupan in wool or
linen in a variety of colors.
Starting at 250.00 with out
buttons come in
M, L and XL
Ammo Bags
with shoulder strap with
brass decorations.  These
bags are great for carrying
your powder cartridges
your keys, cell phone and
wallet at events

Breast Box
For carrying cartidges.
Cossack Style
enuine leather, hand
stitched with brass plating
and hand stamping.
Cossack Fleece
Made from
imported 'curly'
lamb's fleece.  This
Circassian cap was
made for a
customer in

In the 16th and 17th century
the Ukrainian provinces were a
part of the Polish and
Lithuanian Commonwealth.  
Then it was know as Ruthenia
and thier Orthodox Slavic
population were called Rushyn,
meanwhile the Russian people to
the east were called the
In this time Ruthenian nobility
dressed similarly to their Polish
and Lithuanian neighbors.  The
Hungarians, Turks and Tartars
also influenced dress and
military fashion, arms and
Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Cossack Hetman
Bogdan Zynoviy
1595 - 1667
Kozak (Cossack) Karakul
kolpak with red silk sock and
Cossack Zhupans
and Fur Caps
 Kolapk caps, hand made in Belarus from rabbit and
linen with a contrasting colored lining.
We can custom make any type, fine fur, curly lambs
fleeces or even karakul fleece.  Contact me for a price.
Starting at 99.00 plus shipping.
The Cossacks