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upan, the daily garment worn by noblemen both at
home and at war.   Polish garments were heavily
influenced by the fashion of the Hungarians, Turks and
Tatars who border the Polish-Lithuanian
Commonwealth's south-eastern frontier.
Red, gold, green and blue were popular colors and many
were made of fine brocade, silk or even velvet.  Wool and
linen were the most commonly used fabric for zupans.  
Less wealthy nobles wore tans, browns and especially
gray wool zupans..
Some of the classical characteristics of the zupan are
tight oriental collars, form fitting on the upper body, and
bell shaped below the waist with overlapping panels for
warmth in winter,  The knuckle length sleeves were often
extra long, tight from the elbow down and baggy from
the elbow up to the shoulder.  
One nice feature we include is
to not  put a slit up the
back of the lower half of the garment.  This way if the
wearer is on horse back the zupan will cloak the horse's  
back, showing off the fine material.
Buttons are round to droop-shaped and hold the zupan
closed with looped cord instead of button holes.  Buttons
and cord are on the cuffs as well.
Most zupons are lined on the inside with gold or beige
silk or linen lining.   Other contrasting color like red ,
black or blue were also used.
Our goal is to make period correct zupans with the
unique characteristics that make them look truly Polish.
We can modify the pattern for a Hungarian, Cossack or
Muscovite Russian look.
Each zupan is custom made per individual.  Our period
seamstress who will take your measurements and create
custom made clothing just for you.
Custom made zupans start at 550.00 plus  shipping and
Kontusz, a nobleman's coat, often adorned with braids
across the chest and long falling sleeves which hung at
the sides.   Kontuszes were worn by Lithuanians and
Cossacks as well.
Delia, a wealthy nobleman's coat.  Often red or gold
with a large fur collar.  The inside is lined with a
contrasting colored silk or linen.  Delia's often had fur
trim along the edges.  Collars
can be faux or real fur, price is subject to fur costs.
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Red brocade zupan with gold
brocade sash, Hungaran-Polish
saber and hussar boots.
Here is a recent outfitting we did for a
customer in RI.  
He wears a custom made 17th century
style zupan in
green wool with maze colored hussar
boots, blue sash and black magierka felt

To the left are more examples of our
custom made zupans with brocade outer
material and lined with silk or fine linen.
Comes with period style droop buttons
and cord loops.
Starting at $550.00 plus shipping and
Delia cloaks, cloaks and zupans for 17th century Polish and Lithuanian reenactors.
These designs are inspired by period portraits of nobility.  Contact me for pricing
Blue brocade zupan for a Lithuanian
reenactor in MI.

Period undershirts made from linen, we can also make them from silk or muslin, in small, medium, large and extra
Starting at $79.00
Period trousers are generally made from medium weight linen or wool. Draw lace in the front and laces to tie at the
Starting at $89.00
Men's or Lady's Kolpak Fur Cap
Broaches and Delia Cloak Clasp
Hand made in Poland with real gem stones.
Each hat broach has a plume holder on the back. Hat
broaches starting at $59.00.  Delia clasps start at $119.00
   Pancerni blue                        Poor noble's gray                       Hussar red                            Cossack yellow
with yellow lining                       with gray lining                    with yellow lining                       with red lining
These low cost linen starter zupans come in medium, large
and extra large and are hand made in Belarus.
They are purposely made with out buttons so the individual
can customize the zupan with their own buttons AND
properly size the zupan to their size and shape.

They are lined with linen as well and are great for warm
climates and Summer reeanctments.

Supply is limited so contact me for availability. Special
orders are subject to time and material costs.

Starting at 250.00 plus shipping and handling.
Magnate's red
with yellow lining
with beige lining