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ZUPAN, the daily garment worn by noblemen both at home
and at war.   Polish garments were heavily influenced by the
fashion of the Hungarians, Turks and Tatars who border the
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's south-eastern frontier.
Red, gold, green and blue were popular colors and many were
made of fine brocade, wool or linen.  Less wealthy nobles
wore tans, browns and especially gray wool zupans.
Some of the classical characteristics of the zupan are tight
oriental collars, form fitting on the upper body, and bell
shaped below the waist with overlapping panels for warmth in
winter,  The knuckle length sleeves were often extra long,
tight from the elbow down and baggy from the elbow up to the
One nice feature we include is
to not  put a slit up the back
of the lower half of the garment.  This way if the wearer is on
horse back the zupan will cloak the horse's  back, showing off
the fine material.
Buttons are round to droop-shaped and hold the zupan closed
with looped cord instead of button holes.  Buttons and cord
are on the cuffs as well.
Most zupons are lined on the inside with gold or beige silk or
linen lining.   Other contrasting color like red , black or blue
were also used.
Our goal is to make period correct zupans with the unique
characteristics that make them look truly Polish. We can
modify the pattern for a Hungarian, Cossack or Muscovite
Russian look.
Custom Zupans are generally 'custom made' per individual but
we do carry some 'stock zupans' in M, L, and XL.  
Or our period seamstress who will take your measurements
and create custom made clothing just for you.
Custom made zupans start at 600.00 plus shipping and
handling. Starter zupans run around 250.00 with out buttons,
add 75.00 for buttons.
Contact me for pricing, availability and orders.  
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A custom made red brocade zupan
for the leader of the Potocki
Banner in MI.
DELIA, a wealthy nobleman's fur
collared cloak.  Often red or gold with a
large fur collar.  The inside is lined with
a contrasting colored silk or linen.  
Delia's often had fur collars and fur trim
along the edges.  Collars
can be faux or real fur, price is subject
to fur costs.
Check out clasps on the Accessories page!
Blue brocade zupan custom made
for a Lithuanian reenactor in MI
nobleman's coat, often
adorned with braids across the
chest and long falling sleeves
which hung at the sides.   
Kontuszes were worn by
Lithuanians, Belarussians,
Ukrainians and Cossacks.
Pancerni blue                        Poor noble's gray                       Hussar red                            Cossack yellow
with yellow lining                       with gray lining                    with yellow lining                       with red lining
come in Medium,
Large, X-Large.  

Generally sold with
out buttons so you
can put them on,
save a little money
and get a better fit.

We do offer buttons
and we can have
them put on for you
Contact me for
details and pricing
Magnate's red
with yellow lining
Green with beige lining
Undershirts made from linen, and come in M, L and XL.  Starting at $79.00
Trousers are made from medium weight linen or wool. Draw lace in the front and laces to tie at the cuffs. Starting at
Colorful hand stitched embroidered shirts are $110.00, all made in Belarus.
Made for just for you by our
seamstress in Belarus.
BUTTONS are made by
our jeweler in Poland and sent to
Belarus to be applied to your
garment.  Buttons often reflect
the class and status of the
Let us provide you with your entire kit!
An original 17th century Polish kontusz