Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Accessories, Cloak Claps,
Saber Belts, Cartridge Cases and Pouches
Faux Leopard Skin Cloaks
In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries the Polish hussars
often wore exotic animal skins draped over their armor.  
To own and display such big cat pelts such as leopard,
tiger, lion and cheetah are often illegal and fround on
today.... but we can make for you a faux pelt lined with
red silk or a red brocade.
First a complete outline of the animal is cut from faux
fur and then sewn to a red backing.  The cloak is
attached with period style broaches and cords.   
Saber Belts are made of high quality heavy duty leather, brass buckles and or cast historical pieces.  The two saber
straps can be made from leather or chain.  Brass or steel bosses can be added. No two belts are alike.
Saber belts for simple soldiers all the way to highly ornate belts for a nobleman's persona.
Zaporazhian Cossack
Style Leather Pouches
Leather pouches are handmade and
modeled after ones found at the
battlefield digs at Beresteczko,
Pouches were for carrying musket
balls and other essentials but today
they come in handy while re-enacting
as a safe place to carry your car
keys, cell phone and wallet. The
pouches slide over most belts and can
be made in a variety of leather colors.

Let me know if you'd like a quote on one of these big cat
Great belts start with great leather.  I
cut my own from cow hide and dye it to
period colors.  All the fittings and
decorations are sewn or riveted on.  
Saber belts are custom made to your
size, color and specs.
Contact me for a quote.
Ryngrafs were worn by nobles in the 17th and 18th cen.  
Steel and brass plaques were worn over the zupan or chain
mail on the chest and displayed religious and or
nationalistic symbols or icons.  
Rygrafs were often thought to protect the wearer by his
faith and devotion so iconic images of Our Lady of
Czestochowa,  the Madonna of Ostrobrama or a favorite
Saint were displayed.
I make these out of steel, often I will blacken the steel with
heat and oil so rust to prevent rust.  The trim and images
are brass and I carve the details by hand.
Contact me for a price.
Cossack Style Ammo Bags
Can be worn on the saber belt, waist belt or on
a shoulder belt.  I would be glad to make you a
matching saber belt and pouch.
Great for carrying modern items keys, cell
phone, wallet etc., out of sight.
Contact me for a price.
Cloak Claps just in from Poland.  These
handmade reproductions of period cloaks
clasps are adorn with gem
stones like Agate and Turquoise.  Some even
have silver and brass details. These were
commonly worn on wealth nobles 'delia'
These are sometimes called 'zapony' in Polish.

Some sets, like those on the left, have a
matching Kolapk cap broach as well.
Noble's Cloak Claps

Right, one of our 'delia' cloaks with a Polish
made 'claps 'zapony' and kolpak fur cap broach
Shipping and any paypal fees are not included.
Top clasp  Sold
Botton clasp $119.00