At Polish Hussar Supply Plus we specialize in outfitting folks with period outfits and accoutrements for Living Historians and Military Reenactors from the 16th, 17th and 18th century Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Our team of historical tailors, seamstress, jeweler, and weaver in Poland and Belarus will create for you period correct garments and accessories. We also can produce beautiful period costumes of noblemen, noble ladies, townsmen, townswomen and even merchants and peasants.

Most of our works are custom made, and can take several months to create. That said we almost always have some items in stock, so contact me by email to find out what is available.

We produce period clothing for such portrayals of both military and civilians from these time periods, such as:

Winged Hussars
Pancerni Cossacks
Light Cavalrymen
Hajduk Infantrymen
Registered Cossack Infantrymen

We also supply folks wishing to portray surrounding allied and opponent soldiers and civilians such as:

Muscovites (Russians)
Ottoman Turks
Crimean Tatars
Zaporhazian Cossacks

Ready for shipment – 17th Century Style Cartridge Box

Most of our products are custom made, but occasionally we have items ready to ship. This is a period style Cartridge Box worn across the chest

17th century style Cartridge Box worn by Polish Hussars, Pancerni Cossacks, Light cavalry and Dragoons. If you are not carrying powder and shot it’s an excellent and safe place to keep your car keys, cell phone or wallet while at events!

The item is ready for sale, let me know if you are interested, as a kind it won’t last long.

$215.00 with shipping and Paypal

Ready for shipment – Misiurka Helmet 17th Century Style

Worn by Polish, Lithuanian, Ruthenian medium cavalry in the Commonwealth known as ‘Pancerni Cossacks’ or Petyhorcy. Also worn by Ottoman, Muscovite, Tatar and Circassian mail coated cavalry. In Poland and Lithuanian these were the most numerous cavalry as their units were raised from the middle classes nobles who couldn’t afford hussar armor. These highly trained horsemen carried a wide variety of weaponry for every type of battle scenario.

This misiurka helmet has a forged steel cap called ‘denko’ in Polish and the mail is not cheap ‘butted’ chain mail but period correct blackend ‘riveted’ chain mail.

It will need a interior pad cap which we can make for you at an additional cost (need your head size). This piece is selling right now for $400.00 which included shipping and Paypal fee.



The daily mans’ garment worn across Central and Eastern Europe by everyone from wealthy noblemen down to poor soldiers and townspeople. Materials varied by your wealth. Wealthy nobles wore colorful żupans often in red and gold, made of fine brocades, high quality wools and silks. Others wore blues, greens, yellow or orange żupans made from often homespun wools and linens. Poorer folks wore earthier colors such as tans, browns, and especially gray.

Our historical seamstress and tailors will recreate for you the unique charachteristics such as cording, stiching, and buttons that make your garment truly period Polish, Hungarian, Cossack et cetera.

To order, contact Eryk at eryksj@gmail.com.

Hats & Caps

Let us create for you a kołpak fur cap that matches your żupan. These can be made from real or faux fur. Each of the social classes, and nations, had slight variations in their caps. Wool or felt Magierka caps, like the one on the right, were worn in warmer weather and were common among infantrymen.

To order, contact Eryk at eryksj@gmail.com.


No nobleman’s outfit would be complete without a woven sash. These historic recreations are made in Poland by an artisan, friend and nobleman (shown left). He has provided these sashes to historical Polish films for years.

These sashes can be worn four different ways, showing off different color paterns.

See a video showing a sash and how to tie it.

Please contact me to see our inventory. I have a number of sashes to choose from.

To order, contact Eryk at eryksj@gmail.com.

Delias Cloaks & Kontusz Coats

Very wealthy noblemen wore delia cloaks often made from fine wool or brocade, and lined with silk or fur.

Kontusz coats were worn by all classes, but more commonly among the middle class and poorer nobles. They were made from homespun wools and / or linen.

Like other garments we create our cloaks and coats are inspired by period portraits of nobles and warriors.

To order, contact Eryk at eryksj@gmail.com.

Wall Tapestries & Faux Leopard Cloaks

Adorn your walls and display your weaponry in traditional Polish style with a copy of a period wall tapestry. These would be found in nobles’ manor houses, palaces and castles.

Leopard and other exotic animals were worn by the wealthiest knights in Central Europe during this time period. These are an esential part of your Polish or Lithuanian kit. These of course are made out of faux fur fabric today, and are held in place by historicly inspired hand made clasp sets from Poland.

To order, contact Eryk at eryksj@gmail.com.

Undershirts & Pants

Linen undershirts would be worn under żupan by men or under dresses by ladies. These come in plain, or with hand embroidered stitching at the collars.

Period pants come in a variety of styles, either very tight fitting riding trousers, like the hussar to the right, or they can be baggy like the Cossack ‘Sharovary’ pants. Pants come in wool or linen. Linen is far less itchy, but wool is warmer. Most pants were blue, black, green, or earthier browns, tans and grays for poorer people.

To order, contact Eryk at eryksj@gmail.com.

Belts & Jewlery

Saber belts are specially constructed for easy attachment, adjustability, at the waist and for the angle how your saber hangs. Saber belts can be made with precious stones on the fittings, or simple. Period colors were most commonly black and brown.

Both men and ladies wore jeweled broaches on their caps and jeweled clasp sets to fasten their cloaks.

To order, contact Eryk at eryksj@gmail.com.

Religious Jewelry

Period inspired necklaces, rosaries, broaches, and other custom jewelry complete an authentic reenactment kit.

To order, contact Eryk at eryksj@gmail.com.

Ladies Fashion

Our historical seamstress in Belarus, who you can see to the right, can create a wide variety of ladies period outfits ranging from noble women to townsfolk to simple outfits for the peasantry.

Brocades, damasks, silks, wools and linens would be used to reconstruct your period outfit.

To order, contact Eryk at eryksj@gmail.com.

Custom Work

Most of our products are custom ordered, which necesitates a back and forth discussion to make sure you get what you want, in the size you need. This takes time, and prices can vary based on the level of detail and materials. Contact me for a quote.

Regards / Pozdrawiam

2008 Husaria Tour of Poland. Look for details on a future Reenactors trip to Poland.
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