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Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Our Mission..... to supply living historians, re-enactors and collectors with historically
accurate replicas of 16th, 17th and 18th century Polish and East European arms, armor, gear and clothing
with a special emphasis on the Winged Hussars of Poland'.

I can be reached at
 eryksj@gmail.com  or  603 218 9443 during business hours.

'Szabla dlon'
Eryk Stefan Jadaszewski

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An On Line Store Dedicated To Your 16th and 17th century East European Living History Needs
* Polish  * Lithuanian  * Ruthenian-Ukrainian   *Muscovite-Russian  *Zaporazhian Cossack  
* Crimean Tartar   *Hungarian    *Ottoman - Turkish
Visitors since November 2005
What We Do........ a sheets of steel is transformed with heat on an anvil it into a custom piece of armor.  In
my workshop I hand craft working replicas of 17th century Polish winged hussar armor but I would be glad to make most any
kind of historical armor.  Let me custom make you a full suit of hussar armor or have it made one piece at a time as your
budget allows.  Below are just a few examples of armor and leather work I have created over the last 14 years.
workshop location can be found.  Most other items like clothing and boots
can still be order, please feel free to contact me at eryksj@gmail.com
For over a decade Polish Hussar Supply Plus  has been world's only company
outfitting groups and individuals with historically accurate replicas of Central and Eastern European arms, armor as well as
leather goods and period clothing.
Click on the 'Products page' to see all that we do!

Here are a few examples.
A customer in MI in full armor and clothing and
saber from Polish Hussar Supply Plus.
Here I am creating an 18th cen. breast plate in my
blacksmith shop.
Hand made period clasps, broaches and belt hardware
from Poland.
Custom made boots also handmade in Poland.
Custom made Hussar clothing.
Custom made East European
Above, Horse archery cases.
Above right, 5 different types of period
sashes, woolen in the traditional way
and belts.  See them on the 'Sash and
Belts page'.
Period cartridge cases and leather
Let us make you a
full suit of armor or
have it made one
piece at a time.
Check out the
'armor pages'.

A great selection of
'nadziak' war
hammers and
'czekan' axes, check
them out on the
'weapons page'.
Let Polish Hussar Supply Plus outfit you
from head to toe as a Polish or Lithuanian
Winged hussar, Zaporazhian Cossack,
Pancerni Cossack, Light cavalryman,
Ottoman warrior, Tatar horseman or
perhaps a Muscovite streltzi.
below are just a few of our satisfied
customers and their kits.
Most items are custom made here in our
workshop in New Hampshire, the rest is
made in Poland.