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Our Mission..... to supply Living Historians, Re-enactors and Collectors with
historically accurate replicas of 16th, 17th and 18th century Polish and East
European arms, armor, gear and clothing with a special emphasis on the Winged
Hussars of Poland'.
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East European Living History Needs.
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* Crimean Tartar   *Hungarian    *Ottoman - Turkish
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What We Do........ a sheets of steel is transformed with heat on an anvil it into a custom piece of armor.  In
my workshop I hand craft working replicas of 17th century Polish winged hussar armor but I would be glad to make
most any kind of historical armor.  Let me custom make you a full suit of hussar armor or have it made one piece at a
time as your budget allows.  Below are just a few examples of armor and leather work I have created over the last 16

until a new workshop location can be found.  
Clothing, gear and boots can still be ordered!
Please feel free to contact me at eryksj@gmail.com
Here's just a sample of what you can
purchase and will see on this website!
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Period Footware
See more on the 'Boot Page'.

Polish Winged Hussar Armor
See more on the 'Armor Page'.
Period Jewelry
See more on the 'Jewelry Page'.
Ottoman Garb, See more on the
'Turks and Tatars Page'.
Complete Nobleman's Kit
See more on the 'Clothing Page'.
17th and 18th cen. Polish Woven Sash.
See more on the 'Sash Page'.
Polish zupan lined with gold linen
See more on the 'Clothing Page'.
Custom made Polish nobleman's
Delia cloak w/ fur collar, silk
Zupan and Kolpak fur cap
Period Cap broach called
Period boots, handmade in Poland, wide
variety of styles and period colors
Period bow and arrow cases in
'Eastern' style called a 'Sajdak' set.
Custom made grey linen zupan and
black wool 'magierka' cap
Custom made green wool zupan
and black wool 'magierka' cap
Cossack style leather Ammo bags
See more on the 'Accessories Page'.
Buzdygan Mace
See more on the
'Weapons Page'.
Left, War hammers and
Axes, see more on the
'Weapons Page'.

Right, 'Zapony', clasps set
See more on the 'Jewelry